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Huge 22" UFO Percolators

Huge 22" UFO Percolators

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Designed by us here at Daze Glass, this massive 22" water pipe is truly a marvel. Made to both intimidate and impress, fill this bad boy up with smoke and only try to clear it if you dare. 

The design includes a scientific beaker base body, with three levels of filtration and an ice catcher for added effects. Smoke is first filtered via the diffused downstem, then it is further filtered via the dual UFO percolators. Lastly, stack cubes in the upper portion of the tube to cool you smoke and make every rip crisp as can be. 

  • Approx. Height: 22 inches 
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Bowl Size: 14mm bowl 
  • Body: Scientific
  • Filtration: Diffused downsten & Dual UFO Percolators
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